SABXML Server its a lightweight server for IBM OS400 & i5/OS to efficiently turn SQL result sets into well-formed XML or JSON. it's easy to convert this XML output into other formats through XSL transformations, or integrate it with other XML-based applications.

Runs over OS400 V5R2, i5/OS V5R3 or newer releases and requieres only 300 CPW.

The requests can be processed by integrated HTTP server or from a 5250 session.

SQL Select request allowed are managed, stored and tagged on SABXML Server to limit and control which request can be processed.

SQL result sets returned are formated using different Writers. The Writers formats data returned as RSS, KML, JSON, SOAP or XML general style. Writers are developed usign IBM 5722WDS ILE-RPG and source code are included to create new writers or modify it to your own requirements.

XML provided by HTTP must be integrated on your bussines process or as RSS 2.0, KML Google Earth and Google Maps.

Some captured screens to know it quickly:

SABXML mostrando relación de peticiones SQL admitidas

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